Zeeko internet awareness in Rang a Sé

This week in sixth class we had Ursula from Zeeko visit us and teach us all about appropriate use of the Internet.

We learned about the effect of blue light on our brains if we spend too much time on our screens especially just before we go to sleep. Did you know that your brain can be tricked into thinking that it’s the middle of the day and even though your body might want to sleep, your mind can’t! This affects your sleep pattern and makes you feel drained without energy, it can affect your memory and concentration and damages your eyesight. Your brain can actually get used to feeling tired and think it’s normal!

We learned that a really good idea for internet safety is to find a “Chatbudi”. This is a responsible adult (over the age of 18) that you can talk to about everything you do online and you can then trust this person with anything online that you might be uncomfortable with. We all chose a chatbudi and find it very helpful!

Stranger danger on the internet was a very worrying part of our talk but we all agreed that we learned so much. You should only be friends online with people you know in the real world and this has to be people that you know well, not someone you meet for 5 minutes at a disco. Unfortunately there are many people out there who might pretend to be a child to target you. You should always have a private setting on any account you have, it should never be set to public! “Virtual world friends=real world Friends”.

We were amazed to find out that everything you do on the internet creates a digital footprint that anyone can trace. It’s always there for future employers to view.  A good way to remember to be careful with what you post is to use the “Granny Rule” you need to pretend that your granny is looking over your shoulder and ask yourself, would she be happy with what you’re posting?  Another rule would be the “T-Shirt” rule, ask yourself, would you wear this on a t-shirt before you send it or post it.

The 5:1 rule is a very good indicator to determine how much screen time you should have, so for every 5 hours of real time activity (football etc) you can have one hour of screentime. We were really surprised at this ratio and all feel we have a lot to work on to reduce our screentime!

The STOP BLOCK and TELL rule is very important if you are the victim of an unpleasant message/comment/photo/post etc, then the best thing to do is don’t respond, block them immediately and tell your Chatbudi.

We found it was the most beneficial talk we had so far!

Thanks Zeeko!