Yarn Bomb in Senior Infants

This week in senior infants were got stuck into making beautiful butterflies using lollipop sticks, wool and coloured pipe cleaners. We discussed the different coloured wool and patterns we could use. We had a big selection of colours to choose from. We used coloured pipe cleaners for the butterflies antennae. We did a really good job of completing them this week before our school tour day.

Many thanks to those who kindly donated wool to help make our beautiful butterflies.

We cannot wait to see our butterflies displayed in the Linear park in Newbridge.

Take a look at our butterflies below!



DSCF9403-001 DSCF9405-001 DSCF9407-001 DSCF9422-001 DSCF9423-001 DSCF9424-001 DSCF9425-001