Write-a-Book Projects in Eimear’s 4th

The children recently took part in the Write-a-Book competition in which they created their very own books. They spent a lot of time on the various different stages of the writing process.

They brainstormed ideas before they put pen to paper and planned out their stories first. Then they wrote their first draft. They self-corrected (edited) their work to find any mistakes themselves. I corrected their work and they re-drafted their work to create the final product. The children illustrated their own books, creating a front cover, adding illustrations throughout the book and designing a back cover with a blurb.

A lot of work went into the books and the children were very proud of the finished products.

Here are some pictures of the children with their books:

In March, the books were sent to a different school for children of a similar age to read and enjoy. We received books from another school and spent the rest of March and the start of April reading, commenting and grading the books. We really enjoyed reading all the books and the children were very good at giving constructive criticism and feedback. We picked our top three and gave a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place and returned them to the school. 

The school that had our books really enjoyed reading ALL of the books and gave some lovely comments about the books. They found it impossible to pick a top three so we had a first place, three second places and a third place.

3rd place went to:

Josh for his book “The Bullies”

2nd place went to:

Ruby for her book “The Lost Brocolli”

Ella for her book “No Money Mike”

Amelia for her book “The Bread and Duck War”

1st place went to:

Samuel for his book “The Bread and Butter War”

Everyone put in a fantastic effort and should be very proud of themselves, I know I am! Each child received a certificate and a pencil to acknowledge their hard work. Take a look a them below: