Volcanic Eruptions in Eimear’s 4th

The children have been learning all about volcanoes in 4th class. They spent some time learning about the different types of volcanoes and what it means to be an active, dormant or extinct volcano.  They have learned about what causes a volcanic eruption. In groups, they drew some detailed diagrams explaining the different parts of a volcano.

They have spent time learning about Mount Vesuvius and it’s most famous eruption in 79AD which destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. We are currently doing projects on different aspects of Italy and one group is working hard on a project based on this eruption.

To add to their diagrams, during art, the children created their very own 3D volcanic mountains using papier-mâché. Here are some pictures of the process:


When they were finished, they painted them. Here are the pictures of the finished products:


During science, the children continued work in their groups. They had to come up with ways in which they thought they could create a volcanic eruption. The two methods they came up with were; coke and mentos and malt vinegar, red food colouring and baking soda.

We brought our creations and ingredients out the back of the school and took it in turns to erupt our volcanoes. Check out some pictures below:

The malt vinegar, red food colouring and baking soda was a great success. We couldn’t get our hands on Mentos before Friday and we tried using Trebor mints instead, but sadly it didn’t have the same reaction. One group decided to use the vinegar method instead and the other group will be attempting the eruption again on Monday with Mentos.

The children had a lot of fun with these projects – especially the eruptions!!