This week in sixth class

This week in sixth class:

This week in sixth class, we’ve carried out an experiment on sound muffling. We used three layers of tin foil, cardboard, paper, fabric & bubble wrap. Then we got an alarm clock and covered the three layers of each material over it. We then quickly gave each material a score out of ten. After we experimented with each material we decided it was a tie between cardboard and bubble wrap. In other news this week boys from both 5th and 6th class will be taking part in a soccer tournament, wish them luck! Also recently there was an open evening for the new parents and guardians new to the school. This was a great way for them to find lots about our school. Also Niamh and Jack spoke at the evening and did a super job. Considering this was our first week back from our Easter Holidays we hope everyone had a great time!

Thanks for reading, Josh and Julia!:)