This week in 6th

For the past two weeks 6th class have done lots of fun things while in school. Last week for art we drew maori tattoo designs. Lots of the drawings were good and creative. After we were finished our tattoo designs we painted them black, it was great fun and lots of the pupils in 6th class enjoyed this. The week after we visited the Newbridge library to see an author called Paula Leydon. She wrote a book called the “Butterfly Heart.” A couple of pupils from 5th and 6th class were asked to read a good bit of the book. Most of the pupils liked the book. When we got to the library the author was already there, she told us lots of interesting things, like a tree that is wider than a classroom and lots of things about Africa and her book, she even read a bit of it for us. It was great fun. She also signed some of the books.

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Glenn and Filip (6th Class)