Yesterday saw Manchester United go head to head with Real Madrid. It was the first time that Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson met that wasn’t in the Premier league. It was the first time Mourinho came up against United with Real Madrid but Mourinho said all he wanted to do was beat sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford. “I’m the best manager in the world,” said Mourinho. It was also the first time Ronaldo returned to the Theatre of Dreams since his departure for Spain. The match started at a high tempo. It was knife edge stuff. Who would come out victorious in this magnificent match between two European giants? When Ramos put in an OG he was disgusted with himself. Mourinho looked distraught when Ramos put in his OG. Man United thought it was all over but it wasn’t. Mourinho had tricks up his sleeves to come back at Sir Alex.
In the 55th minute, Nani got sent off when he had his studs up too high. The referee Cuneyt Cakir sent Nani off much to the dismay of the crowd. Then Sir Alex jumped out of his seat in a flash. He was distraught and furious with referee’s decision. Everyone in the Theatre of Dreams started booing the ref after he gave the red card to Nani. Sir Alex Ferguson started waving his hands up and down to boost the crowd and get them to shout on their team. They started shouting, “Manchester United!!!” The roof was torn off by the chants of the United fans who were chanting for the rest of the match. Real Madrid stepped up their game. They had the advantage as Nani was sent off. Higuain whipped in dangerous ball but it went wide as no one got on the end of it. Real Madrid were back on the attack after intercepting a pass from Ryan Giggs. When Modric skinned Carrick, modric took a shot. He hit the post and in it went. It was a stunner from the little Croatian. United went up the pitch. Van Persie took a shot and hit the post. Real Madrid were back on the attack once again. Higuain went past Evra, put in another dangerous ball across the goal and who was on the end of it only Cristiano Ronaldo, the man himself… scoring against his old club. Respect to him for not celebrating. He made it 2-1 on the night but 3-2 on aggregate over the 2 legs. Man United ran like headless chickens for the rest of the game. Mourinho changed his formation to 5-4-1 because he was going to defend for the rest of the game. Man United had five minutes to score two goals or they were on their way out of the Champions league. Man United were unable to get two goals to keep their treble dreams a hope. Although the game is now over the controversy surrounding the game and Nani’s sending off continues…
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Brandon Hand