Soil is more interesting than we thought! Rang a Sé investigates!

soil photo final 2 soil photo final

This week in Rang a Sé we learned how to carry out a scientific investigation of soil and record it correctly by writing scientifically. It turns out that there are a lot of different types of soil and soil isn’t just dirt, it’s made up of sand, clay, silt, organic matter, animals, water and air. We basically could not survive for long with out soil. We worked scientifically to observe and examine our soil samples and then investigated how to separate soil into its different layers. We found that most of our soil came from clay/peaty areas which is great for holding nutrients, but also great for holding water. This is good news for growing plants but not so good for playing football on it, as it’ll get waterlogged easily.


This week we also came up with our own data collection surveys in maths to create our own trend graphs. The graphs were designed to help us learn a bit more about our class profile in lots of different areas. It was very interesting designing the surveys and gathering the information and the one thing that stood out for us was that pepperoni is definitely our favourite pizza topping!

Have a look at our photos:

More next week from Marie’s Sixth Class.

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