Science Fair and Beekeeping in Rang a Sé!

The Science Fair was a huge success this week! We worked in small groups to pose scientific questions and then conduct experiments to try to answer them. Some of the projects we presented included:

  • Can you charge a mobile phone using a watermelon and ice?
  • Can eggs bounce? 
  • What liquids are most damaging to teeth? 

It was great fun explaining our work to the children from other classes and we also got to ask lots of questions about some of the other projects presented on the day. A huge thank you to Marie for organising such an amazing Science Fair! Check out some of the photographs from the big event:


The Halla was buzzing with excitement! Speaking of buzzing……..

………………This week saw us conclude our lessons on Bees and we were very fortunate to be able to welcome an expert on the subject to Rang a Sé. Derek, a beekeeper and member of South Kildare Beekeepers Association, came to speak to us about the wonderful world of bees and to answer our questions about these amazing creatures. It was a fascinating talk and a special way to conclude a Science-packed week. Some photographs from the visit: