Rotha Mór an tSaoil

Hi everyone and welcome back to NETNS for another school year from all of us here in 6th class. This week we learned of an Irishman who came from Connemara. It was a long time ago and life in Ireland was extremely difficult. This man decided to try his luck with the gold rush in Alaska. He encountered many dangerous obstacles and was on death’s door on more than one occasion however he persevered and his persistence paid off. He made millions from his venture to Alaska and returned to Ireland where he was able to provide for all his family until his final days.
Obviously there is much more to this story than what we have explained however the underlying message here is one based on life’s ups and downs. The man in the story had faced every hardship possible and yet ended up dying as a man who had gotten the most from life. The basic message of this story is that perseverance pays off. Also the wheel of life keeps turning despite what happens or who it happens to. Hopefully this philosophy of optimism and endurance will guide us through our final year in NETNS. 