Rang a Sé starting the year off with dance

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We’ve only just started Sixth Class but are already getting to grips with our new routine. Marie says it’ll get easier so we’ll let you know if it does later on!

There’s a lot to remember and a lot of hard work but we’re smiling a lot too so still lots of fun happening in the Rang a Sé classroom. This year will be such an important one for us. We’re the oldest in the school now and are really looking forward to the year ahead and having lots of responsibilities. This week we focussed on team work and communicating together. In PE we did this through Dance. In groups we had to invent a dance which had a sequence of moves that everyone in the group could repeat. It wasn’t easy at first but we had loads of fun working together and performed our dances for the class. Marie said she was so proud of how brilliantly we worked together!

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More next week from everyone in Marie’s class.