Proud participants in RDS Primary Science Fair!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4b1Rang a Sé attended the RDS Primary Science Fair to showcase their project: “Bottle Flipping, a skill or just luck?” last Friday along with hundreds of other primary school projects from all around the country.  It was such an honour and a privilege to represent NETNS and share our hard work and interesting results with everyone.

We have been working really hard on our project for three months now, creating a scientific research project from an internet craze. This included: predicting, researching opinions, designing experiments, changing conditions, collecting data, analysing results, creating graphs and tables, discussing findings and finally coming to a conclusion.  We discovered that Bottle Flipping is indeed a skill, something that you can get better at with practice and by changing the conditions to the most effective bottle, volume of liquid, flipping technique and surface to land upon. Luck actually has nothing to do with it, as our results have shown.  Mia and Emma wrote and directed a video that explained everything we did. Emma edited it and we were able to play it on a loop on the stand. It looked great!

Whilst on the stand at the RDS, we attracted a steady stream of very interested adults and children alike, it would be fair to say that we were a VERY popular stand, given that everyone wanted to try out our bottle flipping technique, even the judges! Sometimes it was hard to actually get near our stand as there were so many people there all the time! We answered everyone’s questions and were so proud of ourselves as everyone commented how wonderful it was that all 28 of us could answer any question we were asked, as we knew our project inside out!.

We took turns to look after our stand in groups of six and were able therefore, to explore the rest of the fair in rotation, including the BT Young Scientist exhibition, ECO world, Science World, The World of Robots, The Ultimate Science Show, The Cosmos in 3D and many other events and exhibits. There is actually so much to see that it’s impossible to do it all in one day!

At 2:30pm we had our feedback from the judges who all agreed that our project was excellent. They told us that they were so impressed with our experiments and how we were all able to answer their questions so well. They loved our ideas for further investigation and really liked how we changed conditions and technique to determine whether it was a skill or luck.  The best bit was when they gave us an award, which was fantastic! It represents all our hard work so we are absolutely delighted with it and very proud of ourselves.  We would highly recommend participating in the fair as even though it’s a lot of hard work and dedication, it’s really worth it; to take part in such a fantastic event.

Here are some photos of our day: