For the past two weeks in school we have been learning about Pompeii and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79A.D. The town of Pompeii is located on the Italian island of Sicily. There are many facts about this eruption that people do not know…

 The eruption lasted 19hours
 It was an ash eruption and very little actual lava came out
 Mt. Vesuvius has erupted another 50times since 79A.D.
 The ash from the volcano spread as far as the African coastline
 It is 1281m high
 Mt. Vesuvius is 17000 years old
 Hundreds of people died from asphyxiation when the ash got stuck in their lungs
 Many others died by being entirely covered in ash and other volcanic material
 When archaeologists went to excavate the site in one house they found a loaf of bread in an oven that had been perfectly preserved since 79 A.D. This demonstrates the speed at which the volcano struck the town of Pompeii
 Pompeii was found originally by a man digging in a garden
 The city was covered in ash and volcanic material that was almost 7meters deep
 One of the survivors ‘Pliny’ wrote many poems about the Pompeian disaster
 There were two prisoners who were chained to a wall during the eruption and their bodies (and many others) were perfectly preserved in a casing of ash.
 It is believed that the volcano will erupt again within the next 2000 years
 There were many signs before the eruption, but sadly these were all ignored.

The story of Pompeii is one of the greatest we have studied so far and we really enjoyed learning all about it. We hope these interesting facts have caught your eye and you will want to learn more about it too!