Our School, Aistear









This week the theme in Aistear is ‘Our School’. The children are getting to know the school layout as well as meeting staff at work in the school. In Aistear they’re using what they learned to work in groups.


DSCF1750 DSCF1751 DSCF1752 DSCF1753


The children have been investigating what materials are used to make things in our classroom. They searched for things made from wood, plastic, glass and metal.




After exploring the school and meeting people who work in the school during the week, the children are now using recycled materials to make the buildings and rooms.


The children are making visual timetables of their daily routine.


The children are acting out the roles in the school such as principal, teacher, secretary, cleaner and caretaker.


The children are working in groups using lego to build our school on a map.