One week in 6th class

On Monday the 6th class debate team was chosen to debate against 5th classes debate team. In maths this week we were learning about how to add and subtract decimals. In history we were learning about the stone age and how life would have been like for them.

On Tuesday we were learning about settlements that our ancestors would have lived in. In music we were learning about beats and sounds that we can make with our body and with objects such as our bottles or pencil cases.

Wednesday was a very exciting day because we got to go and see sister act in Newbridge college which is a play about a girl who is dating a mob boss and after she sees him murder someone she has to go and live with nuns for her protection.

Thursday was grandparents day which was fun because the grandparents got to go around the school and we got to ask them questions about their childhood which everyone found really interesting

On Friday the debate between 5th and 6th the motion was whether social media is good or bad 6th class were for the motion and 5th class were against it. In art we were doing duplication drawing and that concludes one week in 6th class.

By Sam and Marc