NETNS Got Talent in Eimear’s 4th

The children in 4th class had a lot of fun preparing for their very own talent show. They came up with their own acts, names and stage set up. We had our very own judges and our very own “Ant and Dec”. We had a variety of performances and some very important Stage Workers too. There were some “X’s”, some golden buzzers, security guards, party poppers and lots of fun!

On Friday, some of the other classes came to the Halla to enjoy the performance.

They got to see:

  • The Fairytales (A Princess Rap – written and performed by the act)
  • Ruby (Singing Grace VanderWaal – Clay)
  • The Comedy Club (Comedy act)
  • Gorgeous Girl Genius Milana (Singing Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On) Also featuring our security guard who was needed to remove her from the stage!!
  • Eve (Playing keyboard and singing Ruth B – Lost Boy)
  • Mercury (Singing Queen – The Show Must Go On)
  • Magic Times Four (Magicians performing card tricks)

They had a lot of fun with this. Check out some of the pictures below: