Maths/Food and our prediction for the county!

This week in netns we have been having maths week. This week is about doing extra maths along with fun maths quizzes on the school website. There has also been a competition on the website. Lots of people guessed the right answer but Ben was the lucky one who won the prize in the raffle. We have tasted different kinds of food from different countries because of world food day. We would also like to thank the children/parents who brought in food. Bobby really liked the Banoffi Pie and the Indian samosas. In 6th class we have been doing silhouettes in art. This is when you draw/paint a picture in black and paint the background a different colour. Our theme has been fairies. Some of use drew rabbits, trees and birds. The hardest part was getting are rough work on to card. We will make stencils and then we will use these stencils to print our silhouettes on to our already prepared background.

This weekend Sarsfields are playing in the county final. Despite having lots of Moorefield fans in the class we are gonna shout for Sars and hope they bring home some silverware.
Anyway have a great weekend everyone,