Mad Moulds

Mad Moulds
This week, a parent from our class (Sarah’s mum Madeleine) came in to do art with us. We had great fun, even though it was incredibly messy! We made plaster moulds of our hands, feet and anything thing else we could think of!
We did this by making whatever imprint we wanted on a layer of sand, and then pouring a layer of plaster mix over it. Then we waited ten to fifteen minutes for the plaster to dry, and carefully slipped the plaster mould out of whatever container we were using. We had to use plastic containers, because they would come away from the plaster easily, but wood, metal or thick plastic wouldn’t work. Once the mould was out, we brushed off the sand, being careful not to break our fingers (the plaster ones, not the real ones!).
Because it took so long, Madeleine had to come back for a second day to finish the rest. The finished products were very pretty (and in some cases, kind of scary!!), so we are going to hang them up on our walls.
In other news, we wrote both Irish AND English essays. The English essays were all fantastic, and some featured cliff-hanger endings like: “I am your father/son.” Altogether, they were all very creative and interesting! The Irish essays were themed as “a fire”. The results were interesting and eccentric!
Otherwise, this week, we have done loads of work, as many of our parents will be pleased to know!
By Rachel and Aoife.