Junior Infants Update

We have been very busy in junior infants for the past few weeks. In phonics we can now read five sounds, s, a, t, i and p. We look forward to learning about n next week. With the sounds we have learned we can make words such as sat, tap, pat and pit. We are delighted with all the reading we are doing.


In maths Clara’s class played with numicon this week and practiced writing the number 2. Kim’s class had numicon with Mary, Tom and Michael. We look forward to swapping around next week.

In Gaeilge we have started learning about an scoil (the school).

In aistear we have been learning about autumn. In role play we are playing hibernating woodland animals. We also cut out pictures of woodland animals (we had to be careful not to cut out the monkeys, kangaroos and other animals that Clara and Kim were trying to trick us with). We used matchsticks and brown paint to make hedgehogs and finally we sequenced the story of a tree from summer to winter.


Unfortunately our website is still not allowing us to put up our pictures but hopefully this will be fixed soon as we have so many wonderful pictures to show you.