Hip Hip Hooray for Lullymore Day!

Finally our school tour day arrived! Everyone in senior infants was counting down the days to the school tour to Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park. The sun was out in force and we all had a fantastic day of sight seeing and playing.

We started out our tour with a fun train ride around the bogs. We were fascinated by the machinery on the bog and the vast rows of turf drying in the glorious sunshine. After the train ride we went to see two different styles of houses from long ago. The first house was a mudwall house and the second house was made of straw. We had a peep inside and it was very dark. We were amazed with all the information Brendan our tour guide shared with us about how many people lived in these houses at one time! We also visited a hedge school in the forest which is very different to our school!

Afterwards we went to visit the fairy village in another part of the forest. Brendan, our tour guide told us all to stay really quiet and tip toe  so that we don’t scare off the fairies. We did a great job at staying really quiet! We saw many fairy homes and spotted a few different types of fairies. We also made a wish for the fairies at the wishing tree which was a lot of fun too.

We left the forest and made a trip to the animal park where we saw many animals including goats, hens, ponies and an alpaca. We went for lunch and had a little rest after all our sight seeing before taking time out to play in both the outdoor playground and the indoor play area. We then had a little pit stop where we enjoyed an ice lolly which helped us to cool down.

It was a busy day for all and we did a lot of walking. It was great to see the students exploring and having fun together. On the way home we had a much quieter bus as we were all tired from our day in Lullymore.

Well done everyone!



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