Hey now!!!

This week in fourth class we learned the song “All Star” from the movie Shrek. It’s a really catchy song and we loved singing it. We learned the words first and then Bobby and some of the students in the class brought in their guitars and played along while everyone was singing. It sounded really cool.

Then we decided to go one step further. We decided that each of the five groups in our class would make up one verse of our new song. We put it all together and it sounded great! The chorus of the song goes like this…

Hey now we’re the fourth class,
Get your coats on go play,
Hey now we’re the fourth class,
Get your scarves on it’s a cold day,
In the line we are walking,
We’re walking but we’re not talking!

The verses then are about different things like our classroom, P.E, homework etc. It was great fun making up the song.

Also we went ice skating in Newbridge last Tuesday. It was very tricky at the start but we got the hang of it eventually. We had lots of falls but luckily we were wearing helmets, wrist pads and shin pads so we were okay when we fell. We all want to go again before the holidays.