Healthy Eating Week in Eimear’s 4th

Last week in school we had Healthy Eating Week.

We were learning about the different food groups. We learned about the food pyramid and how much of each food group we should be eating. We used this information to design a healthy dinner and shared them with the class. Our weekly “Lunch Lookers” were busy keeping a record of how many healthy lunches we had each day.

We were very lucky to have two parents who volunteered to come in on Friday. A special thank you to you both for giving up your time to come into us.

Lyn brought in a recipe for Healthy Tea Brack and some delicious samples too. She explained how to make it and gave the children some variations of the recipe to try out. There was a very positive response to the taste and it was lovely to hear some children say they had tried it for the first time. Lyn shared the recipe with the children to try it out at home.

Conor came in to share his expertise with us too. He kindly gave the class a cookery demonstration and they learned how to make the healthier version of Spaghetti Carbonara. Conor went through each step with them and explained why he chose the ingredients he was using. When the dish was complete, Conor filled bowls for everyone in the class to let them try the yummy dish. Again, some children tried it for the first time and everyone really enjoyed the dish and showing real compliments to the chef – we had children queuing up for seconds (and thirds!) Conor shared the recipe with the children to try it out at home.

Check out the pictues below: