Fiona’s First Class

On Wednesday we celebrated World Water Day to raise awareness of what we can do to tackle to the water crisis. We began by wearing something blue into school. Our Green Schools Committee Class Reps were excellent at explaining some of the facts about water which they had learned at their lunchtime meetings. Today there are 663 million people living without safe water to drink. We can help by reducing the amount of water we use. For example, turning off the tap when brushing our teeth and taking shorter showers.
We watched a video about a child who had to walk 4 miles everyday to collect unclean water and walk another 4 miles home carrying this heavy container. To give us even a little bit of understanding of what this might be like, we walked around the school carrying heavy bottles of water.
We also worked in groups to create a drama imaging what Earth would be like if there was no water! Just some of the alternatives groups came up with were licking dishes clean, brushing our teeth with orange juice and filling swimming pools with milk!!