Electrical Energy in 4th Class

This week we are all about electricity with David and Bobby. To make a circuit you need 4 things.

1. A battery (power source)
2. Component (light bulb/motor/buzzer)
3. Wires (to connect everything)
4. You must make sure that everything is connected to make a complete circuit allowing the electrical energy to flow around without being stopped

We also learned that metals are very conductors and that materials like timber and plastic and do not conduct electricity. They are insulators.

Today we are using what we have learned this week to make really cool things such as lawnmower starters, alarms, light signals and we are doing all this by including a switch in our circuits that can be turned on/off.

Electricity is great fun but you must be careful with it also. You should never ever go messing with mained electricity which comes from sockets and electricity pylons.

4th class