Denise’s 6th Class

On Monday  in history learned about monasteries and in irish we learned about ag siopadoireacht sceal.In english we read a story called sharu googles home and in sphe we did the Junior Entrepeneur Project and in math we did a chilli challenge.

On tuesday in english we learned about homophones and in irish we learned our verbs . In geography we learned all about landscapes of the world . we also learned the song to sing for the assembley.

On wednesday we did gymnastics in p.e and in maths we did our chilli challenge. In english we did our alan peat the more the more sentences.

n thursday we had an assembley  testing the helicopters that we built for stem week vs 2nd class and we won. we also learned how light works and how it goes through some objects and how it doesn’t go through other objects .

On friday we had our golden time. In maths we did divison. We did freindly friday and we did our winterfare name cards for art.


By Daire and Mikalea