Debating SUCCESS!

6th Class Article
Our debating day
On Wednesday, 6th November, the whole of sixth class went to Scoil Bhríde Naofa to support our debaters. Unfortunately, we ended up going to the wrong building, so we had to walk down to the second building. When we arrived, we all sat down in their P.E. hall. The debaters, Ella and Aoife from sixth, and Kate from fourth, sat up the top. The opposing debate team welcomed us to their school, and we began immediately. Our timekeeper for the event was Inez from sixth, who is also on our debate team. The motion was “homework is a waste of time”. Our school was against the motion and we debated the benefits of homework.
Scoil Bhríde Naofa’s debaters made some very valid and convincing points, such as homework can leave you with no time for after school activities and it can make children stressed. We also made some convincing points of our own like: homework will help you get a job later in life and it improves your education. In the crossfire round, the other team asked us questions about our debate speeches. We answered these questions as well as we could and then asked some questions of our own. It was a very interesting debate.
It was incredibly nerve-wracking, and the outcome was very close, but in the end it came down to………… US!!!!!!! The NETNS supporters celebrated and our debate team thanked our hosts and the other debate team.
When we got back to school, Bobby decided to reward us with no homework! Considering the fact that we had been arguing for homework, the situation was very ironic!!!!! We look forward to our next debate and our next team will be Inez and James from sixth, and Iona from fifth.
By Ella and Aoife from Sixth 