Debate Success

This week we did lots of things. Such as,
I. Debated in the Kildare final.
II. Played against the Gaelscoil in basketball
III. Doodle 4 google
IV. Candle holders for the Christmas fair next week
It all started on Monday when we played against Gaelscoil in basketball. We played really well. The boys drew 14 all and the girls won 14-12!
On Wednesday we debated in the Kildare finals! The motion for the debate was iPads should replace all school books. Half our team supported the motion and the other half opposed it. We did really well with one of our teams beating Naas and the other losing on a split decision to two mile house. Overall we did really well coming second with a total score of 274 ½ points out of 300. Only losing to two mile house by 4 points. It was a brilliant day and we got off work!
Then on Thursday we did Doodle 4 Google. They were really good.
And finally we did clay candle holders for the Christmas fair today!
By Jinez