Day out in Google!

We left at 9 O’clock to go to Google offices with David. We were going to find out whether we won a trophy for the best website from the Eircom Junior Spider awards. It was really exciting and fun on the way up because David told us everything he knew about Dublin on the way.
When we arrived in Google headquarters, the people gave us a badge which was actually a security pass. It let us into the rest of the building. We went upstairs and saw a tarantula and a python and a big huge toad called a King Toad. They also gave us a free pen. We then found a game to play which was an interactive game which let us pick out own clothes to wear. We were able to be whoever we wanted! It was amazing and class!! It was as if we were in our own iphone.
We found the computer room then and we put our own website NETNS wildlife blog on the screen. The best bit was when we got into a huge glass box and loads of paper flew around when the door was closed. We had to catch the paper and when it was added up at the end we got prizes which were small teddies. We did really well at this, I got 39 and Abdul got 74. It was great fun! We were able to paint our arms with special paints and then the nice people at Google gave us lunch. Pizza and chips or fish and chips. Yum!
Right after our lunch a fire alarm went off!! This was a little bit worrying but it turned out to be nothing. Next it was time for the Junior Spider awards. Before it started a magician came in and hypnotised us! He even swallowed a sword. He used baby shampoo to help it go down. We really wanted to win, but unfortunately it wasn’t our turn this year. We got goody bags with balls, drinks, biscuits and bananas.
It was then time to go home. We were sad to leave Google offices but David was so nice to us. He bought us ice creams and ice pops on the way home. When we got back to NETNS, our parents were waiting of us. It was the best day ever especially because we go no homework.
By Tadgh Havelin Third class (with help from Abdul Aroud)