This week in fourth class we have been learning about crannógs. We learned about the structure of a crannóg. We made it out of clay, sand, pebbles and sticks. First of all we got a cereal box, cut it up so it was flat and then we covered it with tinfoil. Then we put on pebbles with glue and next we put on clay and built it to look like a wall around it. After we put on the clay and the pebbles we put on some sand to cover the pebbles. Last but not least we put sticks on the walls of the crannog to make sure the enemies like the Celts couldn’t get in. We will make the houses out of lollipop sticks. That’s how to make a crannog.

A crannóg was a little place built in the middle of a lake a long time ago. The crannóg’s roof was made out of wood and sometimes straw but it’s very dangerous to have a straw roof because it could go on fire if you were cooking. Inside a crannog there was just one room. In that one room people would cook with a large pot called a cauldron and it would be made of bronze. People would grind wheat on a flat stone called a quern. On the Crannóg there would be a watch tower to watch out for Celts coming to invade the crannog. Some crannógs even had special stepping stones under the water surface in a pattern only the family who owned the crannog knew. This helped them get across the water safely. It looked like they were almost walking on water!

Thanks for reading about crannógs!

Fourth class