Collins or DeValera

This week in 4th class we had a serious and heated debate about the future of our country. Half of our class took on the role of Michael Collins and the pro-treaty side. The other half of the class took on the role of Eamon DeValera and the anti-treaty side.

Once the facts had been dicussed in class….both sides were given time to prepare their arguements for their proposal. Then came the actual debate. We all dressed up in our best 1920s clothing making use of Dad’s jacket, Mam’s coat, etc. Some of us even had tweed hats. When the debate started, it was quite obvious that it was going to be a close one. Both sides made some fantastic arguements and in the end we had to bring in some 6th class to adjudicate the debate and produce a result.

In the end the Collins pro-treaty side won the debate but this was not due to lack of effort by DeValera and the anti-treaty group. Interesting how history often repeats itself!!!