Class Allocations 2018-19

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

We hope you are all enjoying the summer!

We have had a very busy few weeks recruiting and we’d like to welcome Kim Moran, Rachael Corrigan and Thomas Bignold to the team at NETNS.

As always, the class allocation process has taken a lot of deliberation and we appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

The class allocations for 2018-19 are as follows:

Junior Infants: Kim Moran

Junior Infants: Clara O’ Mahony

Senior Infants (David’s Junior Infants) : Natalie Costigan

Senior Infants (Clara’s Junior Infants): Trish Murphy

1st Class (Sinéad’s Senior Infants): David Froggatt

1st Class (Trish’s Senior Infants): Sacra Rodgers

2nd Class  (Sacra’s 1st Class): Tharren Reid

2nd Class (Fíona’s 1st Class): Elaine Gleeson

3rd Class (Tharren’s 2nd Class): Rachael Corrigan

3rd Class (Elaine’s 2nd Class): Emma Sheehan

4th Class (Emma’s 3rd Class): Dan Buckley

4th Class (Rob’s 3rd Class):  Eimear McBride

5th Class (Michael’s 4th Class): Sinéad Nihill

5th Class (Eimear’s 4th Class): Róisín Ní Chaoimh

6th Class (Róisín’s 5th Class): Sue Hayden

6th (Ruth’s 5th Class): Karen Allen

Special Education Teacher: Thérèse Finn

Special Education Teacher: Hilda Sheahan

Special Education Teacher: Michael Barrett

Special Education Teacher: Mary Steeds

Special Education Teacher: Thomas Bignold


Looking forward to another great year in NETNS!

Kind regards,

Eimear and Thérèse