Chinese New Year in Eimear’s 4th

As it was Chinese New Year on Tuesday the 5th, we were learning all about it in 4th class.

We learned about The Story of the Zodiac and how each animal was picked to represent the months of the year. We had some fun sequencing the story. This year is the year of the pig and we learned about the traits and characteristics of people born in this year. The next year of the pig will be in 2031.

We also learned about some of the traditions and customs that are associated with celebrating Chinese New Year.

One of the traditions is that fireworks are let off. In ancient times, they said the loud noises of the fireworks scare off the spirits for the year ahead. This gave us some inspiration for our art and we started making scratch art. We created abstract art pieces using oil pastels, covering the entire page using as much colour as possible. We designed the page using lines, shapes and patterns. Later in the week, we painted over the entire page with black paint and left it to dry.

We are looking foward to finishing our scratch art next week and creating our very own fireworks display.

The end of Chinese New Year is marked with the Chinese Lantern Festival, so we thought it would be fun to make some lanterns. We used red as that is the colour associated with Chinese New Year celebrations.

We had lots of fun learning about the celebration.