Chess and Extension art in Rang a Sé

This week we’re learning about World War Two and as part of our theme, we explored art that was produced during that time, depicting aircraft in battle. We printed copies of these paintings and used a small section of each print to make our own creations in an extension activity. We had to imagine what the rest of the painting would look like, working in pairs and then design the rest of the picture together.  We also had to  mix all of the colours from scratch and Marie only let us use the primary colours; red, blue and yellow and black and white.  It’s a lot of hard work to get the colours exactly right so it’s only a work in progress right now, tune back next week to see our finished work.

DSCF2997 DSCF2998 DSCF2999 DSCF3001 DSCF3002 DSCF3003 DSCF3004DSCF3005

We also had a visit from Scoil Nioclais Naofa, Dunlavin, who competed against us in the inter-schools chess tournament. It was so nice to meet another school and host them in this competition, St Nicholas were very talented chess players and were very difficult opponents. The final result of our tournament however, was a draw! Which delighted both sides! Have a look at our photos:

DSCF3006 DSCF3007 DSCF3008 DSCF3009