Busy Week in 3rd Class Emma

Well we’ve had a very busy week this week! We started swimming and all had a great time, we had Engineer’s Week activities, made rain gauges and created beautiful watercolours in art!

It was a beautiful day on Thursday so we made the most of it and found some great spots to position our rain gauges. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be able to tell you how many millimetres of rain fell (hopefully none!)

Woods      Rain gauge     Garden

On Friday, we had a Machines and Mechanism Workshop with LearnIT. We were tasked with making a catapult out of Lego and loved it! It was a great opportunity to use our communication and problems solving skills. Once we had made it, we got to experiment with the leverage of the catapult to vary our chances of catapulting a small tyre into a container. It was great fun!

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