Budding Architects in Rang a Sé!

What a week we have had! Having won five stars for great behaviour in our líne, we were rewarded with our first outdoor class. Sue set us an ‘architecture’ challenge which saw us using natural materials found in the wooded area to create miniature ‘houses’ for Lego figures. Working in small groups, we used twigs, various leaves, bark, moss, stones and grass to create our dens. It was important to think about the weight of the materials, use of space, symmetry, angles and gravity. We also had to take care to locate them in sheltered areas which would help to protect them from the weather. We were delighted with the end results and Sue complimented us all on our excellent teamwork and problem-solving skills!

IMG_20171005_095142 IMG_20171005_101814 IMG_20171005_101623 IMG_20171005_101336 IMG_20171005_101303 IMG_20171005_101227 IMG_20171005_100942 IMG_20171005_100350 IMG_20171005_100158 IMG_20171005_100825 IMG_20171005_100749 IMG_20171005_100056 IMG_20171005_100021 (1) IMG_20171005_095936 IMG_20171005_100434 IMG_20171005_095638_1 IMG_20171005_095128 IMG_20171005_095043_1 IMG_20171005_095528 IMG_20171005_095525 IMG_20171005_094841 IMG_20171005_095212

IMG_20171005_095405 (1)