Bits and Bobs

6th Class Article!
This week in 6th class we have been very busy! We ‘borrowed’ 3rd class’s idea of painting a tree and drawing birds to go on it. For this we used oil pastels to colour in the birds. We had some very inventive ideas and it turned out great!
We also got our new class camera today. The people who are minding it for the year are Sean and Sarah. We used it for the first time today when we took pictures of Bob (our class skeleton!) doing many things like……
*Going to the toilet!
*Driving Bobby’s car!
*Eating lunch!
*And teaching the class!
We had great fun doing this, as you can imagine!!! 
And… WE GOT THE MUSIC!! What we mean is that, earlier this week, we were given a task by Bobby to come up with themed pieces of music. There were many musical storms, horror pieces and there was one light-hearted Christmas piece.
We had great fun this week and we hope everyone else did as well!!! 
By: Aoife and Sarah