Back to school

To kick off our week we learned about 19th Century Ireland and the fight nationalists put up to gain independence for our country. For Maths we learned about time,speed and distance using a method called Dad’s Silly Triangle (DST,Dads=distance, Silly=speed, Triangle=time).

In English we worked on improving our grammar and comprehension. For Irish we learned about modern technology (an teicneolaiocht timpeall orainn). We answered questions on the topic and learned new verbs. In Science we learned about all the different types of land biomes and how they occur.

In geography we learned about famous landmarks in Ireland including The Giant’s Causeway, The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher. For the past few weeks the whole class have been working on something called the Junior Entrepeneur Project and we have been designing products to create and possibly sell.

We learned about rhytmn and tempo in music on how they can come together to create a song.

In art we worked on our painting skills and learnt about blending colours with paint.


By Clara and Ellen