Appeal for missing snowman!

To anyone who might have been in the vicinity of the foyer for the Winter Fair, last Thursday evening, the 12th of December:

We have lost one of our Pom Pom snowmen!!! We really need your help to find him.
He was last seen hanging from a peg with all of the other Pom Pom snowmen and the Christmas wreaths on a display line in the foyer, marked “First Class Marie”.
We know he was really looking forward to going home with his owner on Friday, but when we came to take him home, he was gone! His owner is naturally very worried for his safety and really misses him as he was only a baby snowman really.
We’ve been learning a lot about flying snowmen this week in music so maybe he got some ideas about that and just got a bit lost? We’re not sure, but if you happen to see him on his travels, could you please contact Marie and let her know, as he’s not licenced to fly yet.
Also some of us think that he could have accidently fallen off the peg either as he wasn’t that great at hanging still (because he was just a baby) and some kind person might have found him and looked after him, who may not know that he already has an owner. If that is the case, then thank you so much for minding him and we’ll make sure he gets back to his owner if you could direct him to the front desk in the foyer.
When last seen he was wearing white wool all over and had a blue/black/red/green scarf (his owner can’t remember sorry)
Thanks in advance,

Yours hopefully,

First Class