SIGN UP! After School,Term 3



Hockey: Clara,4th – 6th , €18

Yugioh Club: Tharren, 2nd and 3rd   €18

Science Club: Elaine, €20, 1st and 2nd

Circuits, Jim, €18, 1st – 6th


Art, Mary and Sue, 1 – 4th class, €30



Irish Dancing for Beginners: Eimear,€18, 1st – 4th

Fine Foodies: Sacra and Therese, €36 per child (all ingredients and equipment provided),  1st – 3rd

**Same recipes as last term

Fabric Crafts, Trish, €24, 1st – 6th      Insufficient numbers, activity will be canceled. 

Dungeons and Dragons, Tharren and Roisin, €18, 2nd-6th class

Soccer/Draughts, Dan, 2nd – 6th, €18