In fifth class we have been learning about the continent of Africa. Here are some of the interesting facts we found out about the different countries we were learning about.
• As a result of a civil war in 2011 Libya has a temporary government and is hoping to have a constitutional Declaration by 2013.
• Children in Libya start school when they are 6.
• 80 chadian doctors -49,938 people per doctor .
• Chad: 1 television per 1000 people
• 521 languages
• The green in the flag represents agriculture, the white represent unity and peace.
• Life expectany- 64 yrs
• Official language: English
• Lake Volta is the; largest artificially made lake in the world.
• Elmina Slave castle is the oldest European building in the entire West Africa region.
Languages: French and Malagasy
Currency: Malagasy Ariary
South Africa:
• Table mountain in South Africa is believed to be the oldest mountain in the world.
• South Africa has a penguin colony because of the cold Antarctic waves.
• Soccer team is called Al-Ahly.
• Egypt: Life expectancy is 72.
Ivory Coast:
3rd biggest church in the world- Basilica of our Lady of Peace
Life expectancy- 52
The republic of Congo
They export more that 257,000 barrels of oil daily
Over 5.2 million children in the country receive no education.