A sixth class week

In history we learnt about the 1916 Easter rising and the proclamation signatories.

In math’s we finished learning about the circle and started learning about 3d shapes and their dimensions.

In P.E we did dodge ball, hot seat and dancing which was lots of fun.

Coming up to music we were doing tin whistle and learning the historical song Grace first performed by the wolfe tones and inspired by Joseph plunkett marrying Grace Gifford in kilmainham jail to play on tin whistle.

We also did our tests on Irish, English and math’s as well as our art and friendly Friday.

English up next we were learning about writing poem’s and did write our own poems although not all the poems were performed all the ones that were were amazing.

In science we learnt about the environment and how to protect it.

And one of the most exciting things about this week was getting our junior entrepreneur project results the runner up for it was the cattle counter and the winner was C.E.F.E simple swim bag which had everything you need for swimming all in one neat bag.

On Friday we went to the library and we saw that it was snowing outside!

That’s all for this week thanks for reading.

Written by Sam and Leah.