A huge Thank You to our parent volunteers

Sports Day 2018 was a great success yesterday, mainly thanks to the fantastic parents we have here in NETNS.

We would be truly lost without you and would not be able to run sports day without your co-operation.

Thanks in particular to those of you who volunteer year after year, often having to take a personal day from work to stand at a station and make the day so enjoyable for the children and also to those of you who look after a group of children and take them around for the day, we really appreciate all that you do for NETNS and think you’re amazing!

Huge thanks to the parents on the sports day committee; Elaine Cox and Fiona Flynn who do an astronomical amount of work every year behind the scenes and also arrive at the crack of dawn every year to help us set up and clean up afterwards.

We are so lucky to have such supportive parents. To each and every one of you who gave up your time yesterday, from the bottom of our hearts…

Thank You!

From the Sports Day Group.