5th class news update


Since the Christmas holidays, in 5th class, we have been doing length, averages, decimals and fractions in maths. We also had loads of fun doing a maths trail recently. Over the last few weeks we have been working hard on cursive handwriting as well.

In Irish we have been working with Trish and learning a few poems. In Irish we have also been doing grammar such as, mo, do, a, a, ar, bhur, a.  

In English we have been writing a lot of poetry. We have been writing sound and image poems.

In art we have been doing paintings inspired by Pablo Picasso. We would recommend going on to www.Picassohead.com to make your own Picasso inspired face.

We also have been doing rugby with Johnny and gymnastics with Karen on Thursdays.  

Well that’s the latest update on what we’ve been doing.

By Natasha Padian, Medb Mugan Lavin and Elise Whelan.