Information on 4th class school tour

Time Event
8:30 Leave school
10:00 Arrive at Butlers Chocolate Factory
1:00 Arrive at Fort Lucan
3:30 Leave Fort Lucan
4:30 Arrive back at school

Phones: Only children who have given permission slips to the school to have a phone can bring their phone. I strongly advise that no children bring a phone as it is not needed and could very easily be broken.
Cameras: Cameras are not allowed as I will have a camera on the day.
Lunch: Children are to bring a packed lunch. Please try to ensure your child has a substantial breakfast and a healthy lunch for the day as it is a hectic day going from place to place and children will not be able to eat their lunch fully until 1p.m.
Money: Children will have no opportunity to spend money so please do not give them money for the tour.
Clothes: Children may get wet on some of the rides/activities at Fort Lucan so it is advisable that they bring a spare change of clothes and footwear.
Weather: Fort Lucan is an outdoor centre. If it rains the activities will be limited but this is out of our control. If it is a fine day you may want to pack suncream for your child.

ARRIVAL HOME: We aim to arrive back at the school for 4:30. If we get delayed I will post an article on the school website at 4p.m saying what time we will arrive at. Therefore I would advise you to check the website at 4p.m on Thursday. If there is no article we will arrive at 4:30 as planned. If we are delayed I will upload an estimated time of arrival.
Thanking you for your help and cooperation,