Fun in the Woods 3rd Class Emma

COnkers Conor Eshal Group Luca David Maya Gracie Samanta Noah Willow


We celebrated National Tree Day on Oct 5th by identifying the trees in the woods. We found Beech, Silver Birch, Sycamore, Pine and Horse Chestnut Trees. We had great fun playing Conkers in the outdoor classroom! Surprisingly, none of the conkers got smashed but lots got snagged!

Visual Arts:

We created visual art from the environment and had lots of fun collecting a variety of objects of different texture, size and colour. We then created our own pieces of art with our collection. Some of us chose to make abstract art where it doesn’t look like anything in particular. Some of us chose to try to make our pictures look like something specific. We then worked on our ICT skills by taking the photo ourselves of our creation. We were very proud of our creations and Emma heard many of us complimenting each others’ work.

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