Friendship and Anti-Bullying in Emma’s Class

We have been working a lot this week on being a good friend and about how important it is to be a good friend. We have also been looking at identifying different types of bullying and how we need to 1) Recognise bullying 2) Reject bullying and 3) Report bullying. On Friday we made some hands for art and decorated them with “THINK before you speak”. We labelled the fingers THINK, to make sure that what you say is True Helpful Inspiring Necessary and Kind.

Connie’s Hand:


We also created our own Acrostic Poems on Friendship. Throughout the week, we acted out role plays on different types of bullying; gesture bullying, extortion bullying, physical bullying, exclusion bullying and verbal bullying. We paid close attention to how we can report, reject and recognise bullying throughout our role plays. These Acrostic poems are by Cian Fermigier, Anais Redmond and Jack McDonnell.

Cian F       Anais

Jack's poem

Jack’s poem

Written by Isabelle Wijnands