2nd class update

In 2nd class this week we continued talking about warm and cool colours. In groups we used skittles to divide colours and make a colour wheel! We also spoke about primary and secondary colours. We experimented with colour mixing to see what other colours we could make. It was great to see all the different colours we could make using just red, yellow and blue.


image6 image7 image8

image9 image10 image11

image12  image13


In maths we listened to and sang catchy a song about counting in 5s. This helped us greatly with our adding groups of 5. We also talked about things that come in 2s, 3s and 4s and used our hundred squares to answer some skip counting questions. Here are some pictures of us using our whiteboards to help us count lots of flowers with 5 petals each.

image5  image4

image3 image2




We also had the results of our student council elections. Congratulations to Ella C and Conor (sub) who will represent our class on the student council this year. Well done to everyone who made posters and wrote speeches. The effort the children put in was fantastic and it was a very close race.

Finally, during the week I shared some news with the children – that they are getting a brand new class teacher next week! Her name is Roisin and on Thursday she came to visit the class. The children all introduced themselves and asked Roisin some very important questions like where she was from and what soccer team she supported!

Roisin is looking forward to working with all the boys and girls in 2nd class this year and although I am very sad to be leaving I know the class will be in great hands! I have really enjoyed working with you all for the past month and I am going to miss everyone very much. Keep up the hard work for the rest of the year and I will definitely be back to visit you all in the years to come 🙂