All green for 1916!

This week was a busy one for all in NETNS!

In senior Infants we continued learning about the 1916 Rising. This week the class went on a lovely walk to the Curragh. We kept an eye out for grassy knolls and looked around for many items for our checklist. We discussed the safe cross code before our adventure and we listened carefully to our teacher on the walk. We were so lucky with the dry weather, however the mud made a big appearance, especially in the school grounds on our return from the walk!  We also enjoyed a drama performance in the halla based on the 1916 Rising, Tráth na gcéist and a ceilí on Friday for Seachtain na Gaeilge. We also visited the school’s 1916 Rising museum on Thursday where we got to see all the fantastic projects made by students within the school. There also was artefacts too which senior infants loved.

In the classroom this week, senior infants made their very own passports and coloured them in. We also completed a sequencing worksheet on the 1916 Rising. Everyone enjoyed drawing their own picture for different events that took place.

Finally, our grassy knolls are coming along nicely! We water them everyday and they are almost ready to go home.

Take a look at this weeks events below!



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