Staff Meeting Friday 14th January

As per school calendar, school will finish for all children at 12pm on Friday 14th January. There will not be any after school facility on that date and buses will run as per 12pm finish.

School Closure

Due to the worsening weather conditions NETNS will remain closed tomorrow Wednesday 22nd December. Please keep an eye on our website for further updates. Thank you.

Rang 3 Obair Bhaile 21/12/10

Spellbound exercise 2, 3 Spellings: honey, leader, yellow, wonderful, dinner Ceartlitriú bosca buí, ceacht B agus C Tables 4x, multiples of 7

Electric Science

In Fourth Class we had our final Science lesson for 2010 this morning. This involved learning about electrical energy and specifically how circuits work. Aaron, Rionna and Sadhbh from Sixth Class came into our class and demonstrated how they explored and made their circuits earlier this week, this proved most helpful and we all appreciated […]

School bus charge for primary pupils

From autumn 2011, parents of primary school children will face an annual school bus charge of €50 per child, to a maximum of €110 per family. Last year, An Bord Snip had proposed an annual charge of €500 for all school bus passengers. While the €50 charge imposed in the Budget may seem modest in […]


This week in 2nd class we learned all about a European country named shaped like a boot! Can you guess what one that is?? …..Give up?? Italy!! We learned the names of some of Italy’s major cities, Italian customs, traditions, Italian history (the Romans) and many other things! One of the most popular things we did […]

Fun with shapes,colours and opposites

In the EAL room this week we have been looking at 2D shapes and we have been tryingto find all the new shapes we’ve learned in the building. We’ve also been looking at opposites and there have been some masterpieces drawn during opposites pictionary and some funny guesses too. We have learned lots of new […]

Senior Infant Poets

Our poem this week was ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan. We had great fun searching for words in the poem and even becoming poets ourselves by taking out words from the poem and adding in our own nonsense rhyming words. Learning about words that rhyme was great fun and I wonder if […]

RC News

Hi everyone, We are coming to the end of our first term, and we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Christmas Carols Practice There will be a rehearsal for the carol service in St Brigids at 2.10pm next Thursday 16th December. As the children will need transport from the school to […]

Let it snow!!

Hi guys! Hope you are enjoying the snow! Be sure to take loads of photos of all your creations and fun in the winter wonderland! When we come back we’ll make a collage of all the fun we had! Have a great time and be safe! Hopefully we’ll see you all again Monday!

School Closure – Update 2/12/10

Due to the adverse weather conditions and in light of the worsening weather forecast, it has been decided that NETNS will remain closed until Monday 6th of December.

Worsening Weather

The weather has deteriorated hugely and it is due to worsen further. Therefore we are advising all parents to collect their children as soon as is safely possible.

Obair Bhaile 2nd Class

Spellbound: began, begin, because, beyond. Irish spellings: casúr (hammer), ag scríobh (writing), bréagán (toy) We also learned about Italy today at school and worked on addition with renaming in class.

Snow Walk

Snow walk letter

Sixth Class Obair bhaile 30/11/10

Spellbound: Block 46, Exercise 3,4 & 5 Gaeilge: Féach ar Garfield ar TG4 ar a 15:55 inniu. Scríobh 5 line faoin clár./ Watch today’s episode of Garfield on TG4 at 15.55 today, write 5 sentences about what happens. This is also available later on the TG4 website. Maths: Check out – Go to the […]