No Staff Meeting Friday 5th November

As per communication which was distributed at the end of September,  I would like to remind you that there is no staff meeting today (Friday 5th November). School will finish at the normal time of  1.10pm for infants classes, 2.10pm for classes from 1st to 6th and after school care will operate as usual. In line […]

Halloween Hazards

In Fourth Class today we discussed the potential hazards of Halloween for children; we spoke about Trick ‘r’ Treating and the need to be careful regarding walking on footpaths and crossing roads, we agreed that Trick ‘r’ Treating in a group is safer than going alone. We also chatted about the dangers of Bonfires, Bangers […]

Pyjama Day Fundraiser

Today we raised a sum of €340 for the Educate Together National Fundraising Day. We had lots of fun wearing our pyjamas to school and look forward to many more fun fundraisers! Thanks from The Student Council.

Making Fireworks!

This week Senior Infants learnt how to make spatter paintings using some paint and a toothbrush! Inspired by a video of a fireworks display we worked so well together and were very patient taking our turns at using the paintbrushes. The results are some amazing night-time fireworks displays. ( I was hoping to display a […]

Slán agus go raibh maith agat!

Our class would like to thank Karen so much for all her hard work and all the fantastic things she has taught us over the past five weeks. We will miss her lots! Thanks to Karen’s help, we’re still busy knitting hats and making tassels for Age Action Ireland. Our capometer is now at 31 […]

Well done 3rd Class for all your hard work!

Here are some photos of the fabulous work we have done over the last few weeks. There are also some photos of our project presentations on Africa and Australia.Well done to all as alot of preparation and research was carried out. A great achievement, well done! We have had a fantastic number of weeks, we […]

What we have been up to i seomra Lorraine.

Since September, the children have been busy studying and writing their own autobiographies, creating cartoon strip posters, reading novels, revising addition, subtraction and place value, and the sixth class even “graduated” from fractions!!! Its been a busy few weeks and I think all the children are looking forward to their week off. So happy Halloween […]

Lost and Found!

Hi everyone, We have accumulated quite a lot of lost items in the school. We would love for these items to be reunited with their owners! For Thursday and Friday of this week and on every Friday thereafter, we will leave the lost and found box outside the Infants’ door after school. Please have a […]

Even better in 3D!

This week in 2nd class we were studying 3D shapes in Maths. We noticed we needn’t look too far to find 3D shapes because they are in fact all around us. Using the various 3D shapes we discussed whether certain shapes would stack and roll?? We discovered some would and some wouldn’t. We experimented with […]

All the way from China

This week Senior Infants learnt about the country China. We looked at pictures of rice, chopsticks, rickshaws and lanterns. We even made our own individual lanterns in art this week where we painted the Chinese symbol for ‘peace’ on the front. They look fantastic…. And a big thank you to Sarah who brought in amazing […]

Solution to Brainteaser 3

3 Geese

Solution to Brainteaser 2

Prince is 30 Princess is 40

Amazing Achievements

Some pupils have received full marks in their spelling tests this week and I’d like to say a big congratulations to you. You worked very hard all week and you really earned these excellent results. I’m very pleased for you. Well done! We made some creatures with play dough this week and I was impressed […]

Latest news from Sixth Class

Hello, Amy and Nikki here! We have had a really fun week. Last Tuesday, the principals of St. Conleth’s and the Cross and Passion Secondary schools paid us a visit. They told us a lot about the schools and all of the subjects on offer. Thursday 7th October was National Tree Day. Sixth Class planted […]

What Senior Infants are made of…

This week in Science our class learnt that things are made from different materials like wood, textiles, glass, stone and metal. Just like The Three Little Pigs made their houses from different materials we can choose to make things from the best material for the job. We sorted pictures of different objects into the right […]